Co-Winner HMMA 2012 Visual Media Awards

Best Song, Commercial Advertisement
The Colonoscopy Song, Written & Performed by Jerry A. Ranger

Hollywood Music in Media Awards

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Every now and then someone comes along in Hollywood and you say, "who is that?" You know them but you don't. That's Jerry. He's been around the music biz for several decades but his behind-the-scenes work is always what's up front: tuneful, inventive, humorous. The reason you may know the face might be that you frequent the drive-up window of a certain Hollywood Starbucks, where Jerry is a star. Lattés keep him going from the time he arises around 3:00 a.m. until he tries to go to sleep around 10:00. The rest of his day not spent at the coffee house, is spent in a studio, his office, or at the zoo. The Hollywood Zoo. You know...

Take a look inside: you'll find Musicals, Musical plays, Jerry's "big band" career as leader of the New Deal Rhythm Band, and most important you'll find albums you can buy, sample music tracks, and examples of Jerry's work over the past 30+ (and it's a big plus!) years.