Ahnie - a musical of presidential proportion
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Ahnie - the Musical: Composer, Lyricist, Book, Jerry A. Ranger

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Vote For Ahnie
America, The Place to Be
Armadillo Gang
Annoying Issues
's All 'bout Me
Cast That Vote
In a Quandary
Your Candidate Hit Parade
I Luff America
Only in America

Ahnie, an immigrant from the Old Country comes to America at a relatively young age. In a few short years Ahnie has fallen in love with America and all that it stands for. He forms a new political party called “The People’s Party of the People.” The platform is a return to the original meaning of a true Democracy – a government in which the populace holds the ruling power, not the politicians and special interest groups. Ahnie’s goal – to run for President!

Members of Congress promise Ahnie they will pass Amendment 28, the Immigrant Equal Rights Bill. Knowing that without a change in the law he can never be President, Ahnie still pursues his presidential campaign relying on their promise. His campaign is so successful that he not only wins the popular vote, but increases voter turnout far beyond expectations. The American people blatantly love him, his charismatic leadership, and what he stands for. Congress then fails to change the law which was their intention all along, leaving Ahnie no choice but to ‘step down’ in a very heartfelt speech to the American people.

Is it possible for Ahnie to defy the odds against him or are the very principles of the America he has so lovingly adopted too difficult for even him to overcome? This whimsical musical provides a visionary journey through the American political system and proves anything is possible – ONLY IN AMERICA!

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