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The Bug House: Composer & Lyricist, Jerry A. Ranger,  Book: in development

Song Samples of music from The Bug House

Sterilization Tango
Warden's Song
In My Comfort Zone
Dinner's On Us
'lectric Shock Therapy
I Just Get Nervous
Where'd They Go?
I'm Too Crazy For Love
Just Line Up For Drugs

In 1884 Mortimer Cook founded a town in Northern Washington State and due to the high infestation of mosquitoes, named it "BUG". Shortly there after the name was changed to “Sedro Woolley”. In 1910 the state opened the Northern State Hospital there, the first local insane asylum - then called a hospital for the ‘harmless insane’. The locals immediately referred to it as the "Bug House".

Inmates have been mysteriously disappearing at the hospital over the past 3 months, 5 to date. No one knows how they escaped or what has happened to them, absolutely no clues. State Officials and local law enforcement ask for assistance. Enter our bumbling, fumbling but mysteriously effective Detective Devlin Poltergeister, who is assigned the undercover persona of an insane inmate, in order to find answers on the inside.

This show (and hospital) all takes place in the late 1960’s / early '70’s. The main gates and side gates of the hospital grounds are all controlled by the newest invention – the state-of-the-art magnetic electronic locking mechanism. But Who-dini (the inmate who thinks he’s the real Houdini) knows that whenever the doctors perform an electric shock treatment on a patient, the magnetic mechanism also disengages the gate locks for 10-15 seconds. Thus anyone with good timing, could simply walk out. Who-dini actually thinks, therefore, that he is responsible for making them disappear. And who knows? Perhaps he is.

Add to this mix the crazy cast of characters on staff such as Peter Bilecki (known as the Stumphouse Man because he actually lives in a hollowed out stump right outside the Hospital grounds) and is the grounds keeper; Cornelius Klinken, the Head Warden of the Bug House; Cleta Kettle, the head woman cook/nutritionist; Thelonius Fitt, the staff fitness guru – a Richard Simmons look-a-like; Gary Goodkind, staff Phychologist who actually creates the very first frontal lobotomy surgery. Then add the slightly less than normal inmates/patients themselves and you have a hilarious romp through the minds and memories of one very unique sanitarium – the Bug House.

We Should Note: The story about “BUG” is true.The Northern State Hospital did indeed exist, and the stumphouse guy (Bilecki) was real. The NSH is also the first insane asylum that performed a frontal lobotomy. We don’t make this stuff up! Well, sometimes.

We think the detective may have figured it out, although he goes about it wrongly, but nevertheless, the missing inmates are not found.

In the last scene, the inmates – outside – try to figure out how to get back in... It seems they discovered that everybody’s crazier outside the Bug House.