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So What Do We Do Now? Music & Lyrics: Jerry A. Ranger,  Book: Michael Eldredge

So What do We Do Now?
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"So What Do We Do Now?"

What Is Just Around The Corner
When My Mind Goes Void
Do You Remember When
Medicate Me
Midlife and Menopause
Codgers, Geezers and Coots
RV Travelin' Blues
We're Just Guys

Nine kids grew up in the middle-class neighborhood of Garden Grove, California in the 1950s. In their teens, five of them formed a garage band and applied for jobs, and were somewhat successful. After high school, they went their separate ways, only two of them staying life long friends; David Wilson has become a successful attorney and Jerry Thomas a local physician.

Upon reaching middle age and nearing retirement age, Dave, reflecting on his childhood and his future, decides to call his old neighborhood gang; seven men and twin sisters, to invite them to a neighborhood retirement/reunion party, to see what they’ve been up to in their lives and what their plans for retirement might be.

So What Do We Do NowBased loosely on the movie, “The Big Chill”, the ‘old gang’ renew their past friendships and share their life stories with surprises at every turn. Out of the original nine, besides Dave and Jerome, (the only black kid from the neighborhood, and still Dave’s best friend) one had been killed in Vietnam, another, Bob, has not been seen or heard from since high school graduation. Others include Chuck, a supermarket baker, Kenny, a highly successful special effects designer and artist, Tom, an already retired homicide detective, Lucy, a school teacher, living in Phoenix. Add in Dave’s wife, Kathy, Jerome’s wife,Jolene, Chuck’s wife, Polly, an outrageous surprise party guest and mix in all the strange and humorous things that begin happening. In their fifties, they must deal with menopause, mid-life crises, forgetfullness, aches and pains: The humorous things that inadvertently happen to people in their fifties become delightful entertainment at the party.

Dave has asked the original band members to bring their instruments so they might revisit their musical past a bit at the party. Kenny and Lucy, the only female in the old band, were sweethearts in high school until Kenny’s family moved away to Chicago. Each married other people but they now find the chance to relive and renew their relationship at the party.